Eagle Wrestling 2012-2013

As of now, the season is scheduled to start in early November. Sign-ups for an informational meeting will be available through your PE/Health class beginning in October; we are not going to do an announcement for everyone who’s interested because too many kids show up just to get out of class.

But we are going to need a lot of new faces this year; we had a smaller team last year and a lot of our wrestlers were 8th graders who are now over at CHS. Even if you have no experience, you are still welcome to come out for the team!

Girls: Traditionally, wrestling has been a male-only sport. However, we encourage any girls who want to come out for the team to do so. Be warned, though — wrestling is a tough sport. I’m not trying to tell you not come out for the team, but I do want to give you a heads-up about what you’re signing up for.


– Wrestlers need to remember that they are students first, wrestlers second. If your grades aren’t looking so good at the end of the first marking period, plan on staying home and studying instead of being on the team.

This is not to discourage anyone from being on the team, but make sure your are keeping up with your homework, tests/quizzes, etc. before the season starts.

– Wrestling shoes and headgear are needed for each wrestler. Try places such as Play It Again Sports or Amazon.com to see if you can find a (used) pair for cheap; otherwise Dick’s Sporting Goods will be a good place to look as the season draws near. (If you shop online, go to the store to get fitted first so that you know what size you wear.)

– Conditioning and strength are very important and a lot of kids show up to practice on the first day without doing any training on their own. A form of cardio known as “roadwork” will be a great training tool: go for a run/jog and stop every 30-60 seconds and do pushups, squats, jumping jacks, pull-ups (if you have a bar/ledge/tree branch), etc. Try to increase the distance, speed, reps, whatever you can to make it more intense. Making something longer is not always better for cardio, but making it harder is.

– Wrestlers are strongly encouraged to bring an athletic cup. This is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggested.

– Team gear (especially for first-year wrestlers on the team) will be available for purchase once the season begins: CMS Wrestling shorts, as well as a t-shirt and/or hoodie, will be available for purchase.