Informational Meeting Today

We had an informational meeting with students who had signed up today. It didn’t seem like everyone made it, so here’s a breakdown of what we talked about.

– Grades and behavior come first; wrestling takes second place to school every time. Students who have D’s or F’s on their report card for the first marking period will not be allowed to join the team. Wrestlers are expected to set a high example for their peers both in and out of the classroom, so schoolwork and good behavior need to be taken care of.

– The first day of practice is still not set (sorry about earlier posts). Stay tuned for updates.

– Practices will be held at Caroline High School. The first day of the season, students will meet Coach Brightwell in the cafeteria and walk over. They’ll be given a bus pass that will allow them to ride over to the high school and get off the bus for practice.

– Students who did not sign up or attend the informational meeting are still welcome to come out for the team. Make sure you have a physical ASAP (if you had one for football, you’re good to go for the year).

What’s a physical?
Basically, it’s a form filled out by a doctor saying that you’re in adequate health to participate in school sports (1) with no restrictions, (2) with certain restrictions, or (3) that you’re not medically cleared to do school sports (can be for a variety of reasons, e.g., injury or recent surgery). Patient First or your child’s pediatrician can take care of this.

– Wrestling does not have cuts. However, if we have a large number of kids on the team, we will have a “travel team” of about 30 that we will take to away matches.

– The season schedule is posted here. Please see that for dates & times of planned events.

– Girls are encouraged to come out for the team. However, they need to be aware that they are participating in a sport that is quite intense, so be prepared for it.

– Just about all of out matches this year are away matches. Parents are encouraged to travel to see their athletes perform on the mat; please keep in mind that most schools charge admission to sporting events.

– We are participating in an informal league known as the Capital Area Middle School Wrestling League. Most of these matches will be held on Friday nights in Richmond at the Collegiate School and St. Christopher’s School (there is also one at Louisa). The matches at Collegiate and St. Christopher’s will not charge admission fees.

That’s all for now. We look forward to seeing you on the mat and in the stands!

Practice Starts Monday, November 5th!

It’s getting to be that time of year.

Practice will start on Monday, November 5th. Please make sure that your student has a physical on file with the school by then.

Wrestling sign-ups will be done on during Health in the classrooms or during PE in the locker rooms. Boys and girls are both welcome to sign up.