Scrimmage this Friday @ CHS! Wrestling Clinic to follow Saturday morning.

We’ll be having our first scrimmage this week. This is a meet where we match up the wrestlers with other kids on the team and have them wrestle each other.

The main purpose of this event is for to give the kids a chance to experience what an actual match looks and feels like. This event is a combination of the CMS & CHS wrestling teams; each “team” at the match will have middle & high school wrestlers on it who will only wrestle other middle & high schoolers.

The meet will be at 6pm at Caroline High School this Friday, November 30.

Also, we will have a wrestling skills clinic for the middle school the next morning from 8-12pm.

UPDATE: The scrimmage will only be for CMS, not CHS.

General Update 2012.11.20

With only 2 days of practice this week, wrestlers are reminded to stay active over the fall break. Go for a run, do some push-ups, etc.

We handed out a fundraiser form and clothing order form for hoodies, shorts, and shirts. Coach Swanton and I have offered incentives in the past for the wrestlers who raise the most money.

The fundraiser will occur on the 27th and is a 5k run.


Practice is canceled due to parent-teacher conferences. Wrestlers should go home and spend some time performing physical activity (pushups, jogging, etc.).

Stay tuned for info for practices Monday & Tuesday next week (depends on when activity buses are running).

Tryouts Ends Thursday, November 15th

Wrestling “tryouts” will remain open for any student wishing to join the team until Thursday, November 15. This day is the last day that students will be able to show up for practice the first time.

Beginning Monday, November 19, no new students will be allowed to join.

If your student is even considering joining the team, have them come out for 1-2 weeks and see what it’s like. If they wish to continue, then it would be a good idea to purchase shoes and headgear. If not, then at least they gave it a shot. 🙂

At this point, if your wrestler does not have a physical, they will not be allowed to stay for practice. Please use this time to get them a physical.

Any students who do not have a physical by Thursday, November 15 will not be allowed on the team.


Our first day of practice will be Wednesday, November 7th. Students who are interested in joining the team need to meet in the cafeteria after school. We will walk over to the high school. Students will need to ride the activity bus home or have a parent/guardian pick them up.

Wrestlers need to bring:
– their physical form (if they haven’t already turned it in)
– athletic gear (shorts, shirt) — NO DENIM/JEAN MATERIAL
– wrestling shoes & headgear (if they have it)
– sneakers/running shoes

Students will also fill out a parent/teacher contact form so that we have that information if needed.

At the end of practice, students will be given a “season bus pass” to allow them to get off the bus at the high school for the remainder of the season.

Have a great weekend & see you Wednesday!